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View our full portfolio of solutions for high-performance sporting and shooting applications.

You’re not only the manufacturer, you’re the ultimate enthusiast. From hunting to competitive shooting to law enforcement, your customers count on you for products that lead to success. In this highly competitive market, you may only get one shot at winning the business. Podemos ayudarlo. 

To win and deliver the ultimate in performance, you must cater to the evolving needs of the consumer without compromising performance or quality. Can your product be lighter or more comfortable? Can you reduce vibration and improve shock absorption? How can you make it more durable for what they face in the field? Drawing on the wealth of Avient expertise, our shooting sports customers find fresh ways to add value to existing product lines as well as bring innovative new designs to life.

Our experts can recommend advanced materials that rise above the status quo and turn application needs into opportunities for innovation and market differentiation. From product design to manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies, we help you bring next generation products to market faster, gain customer loyalty, and boost your bottom line.


  • Firearms
  • Airguns
  • Archery
  • Ammunition

Advanced Materials for the Outdoors Video High-performance outdoor products require innovative materials. Avient can help, from concept to finished component. Ver
Archery Cable Slide Case Study (Snapshot) LubriOne™ formulation delivered smooth operation, low COF and improved wear resistance for archery cable slide component Ver
Archery CAM Module Case Study (Snapshot) Nymax™ PIR enhances durability in archery CAM module  Ver
Cesa™ Scratch and Mar - Product Bulletin Product/Service Overview Descripción del producto, valor y aplicaciones Ver
Composite Heat Release Technology for Firearm Barrels Product/Service Overview Overview and key characteristics of Composite Heat Release Ver
Engineered Polymer Formulations for Firearm Components Guía de selección del producto Overview of technologies, characteristics, and applications. Ver
HIVIZ® Shooting Systems Recoil Pad Case Study (Snapshot) Custom GLS™ TPE enhances user comfort and durability in recoil pad Ver
Metálicos brillantes OnColor™: Boletín del producto (inglés) Product/Service Overview Conozca cómo los colorantes metálicos brillantes OnColor producen una apariencia llamativa para las piezas de polímero (versión en inglés) Ver
Tecnologías OnColor™ SC super concentrado Product/Service Overview Descripción del producto, solución de valor, mercado objetivo y aplicaciones de las tecnologías OnColor™ SC súper concentrado Ver
Outdoor Industry Overview - Brochure Industry Overview Read about our polymer solutions for outdoor gear and equipment Ver
Recoil Pad for Rifle - Case Study Caso de estudio Custom HIVIZ recoil pad materials deliver superior recoil reduction and exceptional durability to a high-end rifle manufacturer Ver
Shooting Sports Overview Industry Overview Product selection guide for outdoor high performance applications in shooting sports Ver
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