Strength & Flexibility

Estructuras compuestas de movilidad avanzada

Lightweight Materials for Automotive

Batteries are getting larger and components are multiplying, yet engineers and designers are charged with fitting it all into compartments and vehicles that aren’t getting any larger. The key to meeting space constraints and light weighting demands are composite structures that are stronger, lighter and take up less space. Avient offers solutions that can help you meet the demands for the vehicles of today, and tomorrow.


  • High stiffness and strength-to- weight ratios that keep vehicles safe
  • Design flexibility that you can’t find with metal stiffeners, components. Polystrand™ thermoplastic structural composites give you the chance to flex your creative muscle
  • Remove weight, not strength, and extend the range of your vehicle

Nombre del producto Descripción Características Características
Glasforms™ Pultruded thermoset composites Stiffness Fatigue strength
Polystrand™ Continuous fiber- reinforced thermoplastic composites Stiffness Ability to post- form
Glasforms™ CRTM™ structural panels High strength-to- weight ratio Vibration dampening
OnForce™ LFT (tecnología de fibras largas) Long fiber reinforced plastics High Stiffness Good impact in structural and metal replacement applications
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