Taking Catheters to Heart

Catéteres cardiovasculares

Whether it’s designed for a diagnostic angiogram or a therapeutic angioplasty, the catheter is a potential life-saving device that requires careful design, specialized materials, and precise engineering in manufacture and use. Avient understands what you need to manufacture this critical heart health tool, with an ability to provide formulations suitable for seeking FDA approvals. Whether the material you require is extrudable or processable, bondable or weldable, Avient will help you find the ideal formulation for cardiovascular catheters.


  • Radiopacified to be visible under fluoroscopy
  • Packaged in kits, with lengths up to 60 inches
  • Fixed wire, over-the wire, mono-rail designs
  • Color masterbatch for coloration to assist is choosing proper sizes during medical procedures
  • Additive masterbatch for lubricity, laser-marking, or antistatic properties

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