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View our interactive brochure to learn more about material solutions for paddlesports.

Outdoor enthusiasts demand gear that delivers uncompromising performance, in places where failure is not an option. They settle for nothing less than the best – and neither should you. That’s where we come in.

Whether you serve the casual explorer, the social adventurer, or the extreme enthusiast, our expertise and advanced polymers solutions can spark design innovation and lead to pioneering products. 

Looking to drop weight but maintain strength and function? Need protection against UV light, harsh temperatures, and other elements that might diminish product life? Ready to incorporate colors and styles customers crave? Explore how our high-performance materials and full product support help you tackle whatever the next adventure brings and get you to market faster.


  • Paddlesports
  • Snow sports
  • Cycling
  • Fishing
  • Hiking & camping


Looking for more information on standard polymers, including polyethylene and polypropylene? Visit Avient Distribution.

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Archery Cable Guard Application Snapshot Maintained stiffness and straightness while upholding performance and aesthetic specifications View
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Gun Magazine Housing Application Snapshot Provided durable and impact-resistant glass fiber reinforced formulation with excellent surface finish and good dimensional stability for smooth operation View
Never Summer Snowboards Application Snapshot Gordon Composites™ thermoset laminates provides structural reinforcement with strong yet flexible composite materials for snowboard company View
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Paddlesports Interactive Brochure Industry Bulletin/Overview Learn more about material solutions for paddlesports View
Pocket Knife Handle Application Snapshot Bergamid™ polymer formulations and GLS™ TPEs replace metal and provide comfort and usability for Swiss soldiers pocket knife View
Pocket Knife Handle - Case Study Case Study Bergamid™ polymer formulations and GLS™ TPEs replace metal and provide comfort and usability for Swiss soldiers pocket knife View
Snowmobile Engine Mounting Bracket Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite replaced aluminum to provide better fatigue resistance and reduce weight View
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